Business Invitation Cards
Inspired by God

This is the absolute most powerful marketing tool to come along in years. Virtually 100% of ALL people that are given this card open it and read the inside invitation. This card has a higher open and read rate than text messages.

Additionally, potential customers keep the card and show it to everyone greatly increasing the marketing reach.

The only marketing limitation depends on the picture or message YOU put on the inside and outside of this card.

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Warning, the card and process including this website and videos are under copyright and patent protection.

Invitation Card in Operation

Envelope Invite - Any Image or Text

Back of Envelope - Inviting to Pull Open

Back of Envelope - Inviting to Open

Message for Business - Any Image or Text

Part of the copyright and order instructions show what is inside.

Side One

Side Two

Images skewed to keep the honest honest.
Images demonstrate the copyright layout on each side.

How to Fold the Card

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© 2011 Genus Enterprises

Story and Inspiration

One Sunday Pastor Dave at Christian Life Center was making morning announcements. The church wanted to promote the Sunday service to be held at the fairgrounds in Missoula Montana within a few weeks. The pastor asked the congregation to promote the event by telling people.

I assist in the technical running of the services and the first thing in my mind was to hand out business cards at a downtown arts and crafts fair over the next few weeks. However, after marketing the fair for years I realized that business cards do not work. They are like email today. Everyone just throws them away and do not read them.

The next thing that came to my mind was a short movie presentation called "The Interview with God". Almost instantly a phrase popped into my mind, "Invitation from God".

This sparked the idea that people will always open an invitation. If I could make a business card that looked like an invitation, I could get people to at least open the card and possibly show it to others.

During the next two services my mind completely visualized the Invitation Business Card fold and printing layout. By the end of the day I had developed a master for single page, two, four and eight to a page. The interesting part is that eight to a page is just about all you get with a standard business card that will provide only ten to a page. All designs are the same in format but just vary in size and initial page layout.

Over the next week I tested the effect and found that 100% of the people I gave a card / envelope to opened it within a few feet of giving it to them. I gave the card to them in a high traffic area where people were walking by. Many opened it immediately even when just handing it to them as they went by. Most would walk a few feet and open it on the way. Many stopped walking after opening it to read the message. Several, called people the were walking with them back to take a look. They would point back to the booth where I had given them the card.

This card has powerful marketing implications in a day where people ignore most advertising. Individuals that use this advertising method will quickly penetrate any local or mailed market at least over the next few years while it is still unique. An individual can easily produce about twenty-four cards by hand including cutting and folding within an hour.

I was inspired to copyright and patent the process immediately. We are now almost complete with a machine that will fold and cut the envelope, cutting production time significantly. This will allow us to provide a complete card or pre-fold and a cut card at competitive prices for mass production.

This entire process I believe was inspired by God, not only to meet the initial challenge to promote the church event, but to create an abundance income for the continued spread of the Word of Jesus Christ.

I will provide referral commissions to promote the sale of cards and all remaining profits will go to the support of the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as designated by Roger Johnsrud or his assigns.

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Below is the copyright that should appear on any Inspired Business Envelope for those of you that do not have the fear of God.

License Fee $49 for one
master and unlimited printing rights.

$15 each new master with unlimited printing rights.

© 2011 Genus Enterprises
Covers text layout
Front and Back

Patent Pending
Covers Folding Method

If you remove the copyright notice and website link on any cards you send out, you are in violation of the copyright.

The license rights pertain to NON commercial resell purposes. If someone has sold you an Inspired Business Envelope or charged you to produce one for your own or business use other than direct from Genus Enterprises, the copyright has been violated. If you create, print and distribute your own cards that in any way, reasonably represents the pattern and or layout in either or both the layout or functional design you have violated the copyright if not given prior written authority by Genus Enterprises. Each Master has a unique license code that must be on all distributed cards.

The copyright covers the unique printing and folding of the paper in such a way that it creates the presentation of information for a business card or invitation on what is normally the inside of an envelope flap while maintaining the look of an envelope with a pull tab to open.

Reward, anyone that first notifies us of a copyright infringement will receive 50% of all damages collected after deducting any legal fees. The other 50% will be donated to the support of the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as designated by Roger Johnsrud or his assigns.